Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Live reporting - Middle Schools

Library would be cut K-12

Many labs are not done this year at Annie Sullivan. 30 students in the lab does not create a safe environment for the lab to be conducted. This will spread to the other two middle schools with the increase in class sizes.

Math class size could be as high as 38!

Middle school is the foundation for the high school in math and science

The emotional needs of the 6th graders were considered. The effects are no less devastating across the school classes.

Between 0-3 years and between 11-14 years, the growth is critical.

Armenio - I did not understand case loads until about six weeks ago. If you are looking at an essay driven test or report, how long is that?

Ogden - for a 120 students, 10 minutes per student, would be 20 hours outside the classroom.

Armenio - without the proper feedback timing, the student would be continuing to make the mistakes.

Cafasso - foundational decision, with the cuts as they are, how were they allocated?

Ogden - 50% of the students are in the elementary by population, with the other 50% split between middle and high school.

Cafasso - no one wants to pit one level against another, how do we explain this?

Ogden - The worst scenario in the elementary school teacher would have 36 students to deal with, papers, etc. Compared to the middle school teacher with 120, and from 120-150 at the high school.

Cafasso - cuts were apportioned according to where the students are.

5 minute recess

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