Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Live reporting - BMI Screening

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c. Growth Assessment Reporting – Patty Elias, RN and Sally Winslow

Since the 1950's we have been taking heights and weights, it has not been reported, it is just put into the file. With the new BMI reporting requirements, those numbers need to be provided to the parents. It was approved in April 2009 and intended to be effective at that time.

It is very clear that the expectation that the school districts will be in compliance. I have also seen some draft advisories coming to the school on how the districts will be implementing this.

While school districts must comply, parents can opt out for their children.

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BMI is a screening tool, it is not a diagnosis.

Part of a program that over 11 years would yield $43,000. As part of the program requirements, the BMI stats need to be reported or we loose the money.

Currently have a waiver from the DPH. The waiver expires with the new BMI requirements.

If we do the BMI, the nurses would handle approx 8,000 screenings. If we skip the BMI, in order to maintain compliance, the nurses would need to do over 18,000 screenings.

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