Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Live reporting - FHS Update

2. Guests/Presentations

a. FHS Update – Peter Light

Viewing a quality movie tour and intro to FHS produced by the school for Panther Pride Night.

updated: 7:32 PM

Peter Lights comments after the video.

The video was all student work, production, script, made contacts with Alumni to return for interviews, etc.

From the PSAT scores, 2 FHS students were semifinalists amongst 5,000 across the country. The program averages 1.5 students per high school and Franklin has 10.

Friday halftime, Senior players recognized 20 faculty for their educational contribution over their high school years.

FHS Discipline stats:
  • Tardiness has decreased 20% this year with an increase in student population.
  • Tardiness to school down 33%.
  • Misbehaving in class down 60%.
Impressive numbers! The full sheet is shown below:

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Armenio: I was impressed with the entry to the Panther Pride Night. The one thing that really impressed me were the kids talking to kids. I could not get over the attendance.

Light: We are going to estimate that we had about 750 people over the course of the night. Thanks to Bob Lima for the layout and to the PCC (Barbara Brunelli esp.) for all the help they did to create a great night.

Kelly: the discipline speaks well for the job you are doing. Can the video be posted for others to view regularly.

Light: we don't have a video server but we can try to find a way. (Steve Sherlock can help with this)

Rohrbach: Can you leave the marketing program for us to view? Can you reach out to the 6th grade? They are getting inundated with materials from other schools. This would help them think about and make a decision.

Rohrbach: Why are the numbers down?

Light: we are trying to figure that out. One factor clearly is that there are less passes in the hallway so there is less opportunity for somethings to occur. We have the asst principals in the hallways instead of teachers. The one stat that is up is cutting classes. We are better at catching them because they are in the hallway and looking for them.

Sabolinksi: One thing is you and your administration has made the students more responsible for their own behavior. You have changed that whole atmosphere.

Light: Give credit to the teachers, they are teaching more during the day.

Trahan: you have changed the face of the high school, thank you.

Mullen: I don't like to repeat things that others have said. It is great work there with the administrative team, the teachers, the students. If you would have told me last year of the change that would have occured, I would have said, "yea right." but you have.

Roy: in the eyes of my 8th grader, he really enjoyed the night. The evening flowed, there was something to do.

Light: All the music in the video was produced by the students.

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