Monday, October 26, 2009

Live reporting - Borad of Health 1 minute intro, questions

  • Bruce Hunchard, three children
currently chairman, has been on board for 17 years
long listing of experiences, native from Franklin

  • Koren Kanadanian
currently Director of Emergency Services at Providence College

What is the Board of Health role in health issues?
The current issue is the H1N1 virus, he has set up the process to prepare Franklin

Full time agent for Board of Health in Franklin, how is your role in relationship to the agent.
The agent does the day-to-day inspections and brings information back to the board, the board should have a good relationship

Q - How can you be pre-active instead of re-active?

Q - You have the ability to enact public policy, how would you do that?

There were only four questions prepared, two questions were repeated to a candidate that had not been asked that question before.

Two minutes for a closing statement

I am new to the political arena. I have an open mind to listen to address issues before the board.

My 17 years of experience dealing with local leaders and others in the area can enable a continuity of process.

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