Monday, October 26, 2009

Live reporting - Closing comments

2 minutes for closing comments by each candidate

Mason - essential for citizens to exercise their right to vote. The decisions the Council make will be critical over the next two years.

McGann's statement being read by Larry Benedetto. Public safety, schools and the seniors are our primary concerns Promote increased mixed use development.

Pfeffer - I don't have all the answers, nobody else does either. We are all volunteers trying to make it work under tough circumstances. Seniors in Franklin are making decisions between food and medicine right now.

Vallee - I decided to return to the council because the cuts will have to made and be fair and equitable. Let's not dissect our school system to lose it's accreditation. I am concerned about the seniors and others with low income. We need to be vigilant about finding new revenue streams. I wan to reinforce and re-look at some bylaws.

Whalen - I am very concerned about the projected deficit for next year ($5-7 million). I would like to maintain a level service budget. It will be difficult but should be achievable.

Zollo - The strength of any community is how it treats its most vulnerable. It is not any one group. It can be one or more as the circumstances go. I am discouraged by some of the things said about having somethings off the table. In this crisis, everything must be on the table. Service on the council should help to generate a greater level of pride in Franklin. I urge you all to vote, there needs to be civic participation on Nov 3rd.

Avakian - There has been always a fiscal problem, we didn't know how to spend the money in the times of high grown, now we don't know where to cut. This is our community our town.

Ballenger - I think it obvious we are heading to a fiscal crisis. We will get through this. Look for as many solutions outside the normal. Use of college students for labor; i.e. cheap labor. Ask the citizens of Franklin to donate some time and not just their money. You don't know until you ask.

Jones - A lot of topics have come across tonight, there will be lots of solutions too. It takes a tough individual to put aside biases to deal with the issues. I am that individual. Respect, honor, dedication. Never give up, never give in.

Kelly - Thanks for the opportunity for sharing my opinions in this forum. The challenges are here. My participation on the School Committee and Long Range Planning have prepared me for the challenges. You vote on Nov 3rd will show me how much you know and love the Town.

Powderly - I hope everyone comes away from the Forum with a better idea of what we all bring. The budget crisis is real but we have a lot of strengths, our energy should be spent on addressing the causes of the crisis, like our over reliance on the State Aid. Communication is a two way street. Please vote, please make sure your friends vote.

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