Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Live reporting - Life Long Learning

2. Guests/Presentations

b. Lifelong Learning Update - Pandora Carlucci

The Class of 1959 recognized at the High School Graduation in June.

Ginormous program 23 boys, 2 girls traveled into and out of the city via the Commuter Rail and Red Line.

90 students in the High School Experience (up from 25 last year). The Class of 2013!

Music initiatives
  • String school
  • Elementary school program
  • Private music lessons
Private Music Lesson Recital by the teachers
The parents, guardians, they already knew we had good music faculty, they found out during the recital that we have "great" musical teachers!

Adult education expanding to meet the needs of the demographics in Franklin. For example, over 180 child care providers in the immediate area. Coordinated a three-part series to help them with their professional development. The first two classes sold out, the third had half capacity. For the time around, this exceeded expectations.

The Class of 1960 will be recognized at this year's graduation. June 4, 2010 - save the date!

Rohrbach - You always surprise us. You are always coming up with something new.

Carlucci - It was good, well received. The only complaint was that they wanted it longer. We had it for two hours and they wanted three. Thanks to the teachers for making it happen,

Trahan - echo compliments, thank you
Cafasso - This is not coming from a budget, this is self funded.

Carlucci - We do give out scholarhsips for most of the programs.

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