Monday, October 26, 2009

Live reporting - Council questions continued

Ballenger proposing to use some of the Franklin properties as "long term leases" rather than sell it off. The leases, if possible, would generate some income for the town.

Jones mentions Town Clerk should remain as an elected position, Treasurer/Collector can be appointed. Does not completely agree with the staggered terms as it can be interpreted in many different ways.

Kelly maintaining services will be a large issue, keeping the community safe, and improving the education for the children are the other two.

Powderly the evidence I have seen supports a single tax rate. The Board of Assessor and Town Council need to justify that to the citizens. The issue would be how the long term Franklin family business would bear the increased rate under a split tax. The EMC's might be able to handle it but maintaining the smaller would be a concern.

Pfeffer every year seems to be the worst. We are in a unique position and need to do everything we can do.

Vallee all the towns have water bans. The State limits how much we can distribute. We have enough.

Whalen capital expenditures are necessary, we need to maintain equipment, we always have more requests than we have funds for.

Zollo raises the Financial Planning Committee report that was endorsed by the current council and that the new council should do so as well. It is important to education the citizens on how much we spend and where, schools, police, fire, etc.

Avakian we have approved the bond for the study, we should wait to see what the report comes back with. It will depend upon what our fiscal situation is.

Ballenger the Finance Committee will need to work closely with the council and take Mr Nutting's recommendations under advisement. It will have to be a working partnership.

Jones I don't support an override until we have a viable plan in place to explain to the citizens on what will be spent, where and why. Any cuts on the state side will trickle down to us. It needs to be made as clear as possible for the citizens.

Kelly I would look for a partner who can work with all the organizations in the Town.

Powderly The Franklin Downtown Partnership has done a fabulous job. We are the city that calls itself a Town. We like the small town feel. I'd love to have a more active relationship with the project.

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