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Monday, October 26, 2009

Live reporting - Closing comments

2 minutes for closing comments by each candidate

Mason - essential for citizens to exercise their right to vote. The decisions the Council make will be critical over the next two years.

McGann's statement being read by Larry Benedetto. Public safety, schools and the seniors are our primary concerns Promote increased mixed use development.

Pfeffer - I don't have all the answers, nobody else does either. We are all volunteers trying to make it work under tough circumstances. Seniors in Franklin are making decisions between food and medicine right now.

Vallee - I decided to return to the council because the cuts will have to made and be fair and equitable. Let's not dissect our school system to lose it's accreditation. I am concerned about the seniors and others with low income. We need to be vigilant about finding new revenue streams. I wan to reinforce and re-look at some bylaws.

Whalen - I am very concerned about the projected deficit for next year ($5-7 million). I would like to maintain a level service budget. It will be difficult but should be achievable.

Zollo - The strength of any community is how it treats its most vulnerable. It is not any one group. It can be one or more as the circumstances go. I am discouraged by some of the things said about having somethings off the table. In this crisis, everything must be on the table. Service on the council should help to generate a greater level of pride in Franklin. I urge you all to vote, there needs to be civic participation on Nov 3rd.

Avakian - There has been always a fiscal problem, we didn't know how to spend the money in the times of high grown, now we don't know where to cut. This is our community our town.

Ballenger - I think it obvious we are heading to a fiscal crisis. We will get through this. Look for as many solutions outside the normal. Use of college students for labor; i.e. cheap labor. Ask the citizens of Franklin to donate some time and not just their money. You don't know until you ask.

Jones - A lot of topics have come across tonight, there will be lots of solutions too. It takes a tough individual to put aside biases to deal with the issues. I am that individual. Respect, honor, dedication. Never give up, never give in.

Kelly - Thanks for the opportunity for sharing my opinions in this forum. The challenges are here. My participation on the School Committee and Long Range Planning have prepared me for the challenges. You vote on Nov 3rd will show me how much you know and love the Town.

Powderly - I hope everyone comes away from the Forum with a better idea of what we all bring. The budget crisis is real but we have a lot of strengths, our energy should be spent on addressing the causes of the crisis, like our over reliance on the State Aid. Communication is a two way street. Please vote, please make sure your friends vote.

Live reporting - Council questions continued

Ballenger proposing to use some of the Franklin properties as "long term leases" rather than sell it off. The leases, if possible, would generate some income for the town.

Jones mentions Town Clerk should remain as an elected position, Treasurer/Collector can be appointed. Does not completely agree with the staggered terms as it can be interpreted in many different ways.

Kelly maintaining services will be a large issue, keeping the community safe, and improving the education for the children are the other two.

Powderly the evidence I have seen supports a single tax rate. The Board of Assessor and Town Council need to justify that to the citizens. The issue would be how the long term Franklin family business would bear the increased rate under a split tax. The EMC's might be able to handle it but maintaining the smaller would be a concern.

Pfeffer every year seems to be the worst. We are in a unique position and need to do everything we can do.

Vallee all the towns have water bans. The State limits how much we can distribute. We have enough.

Whalen capital expenditures are necessary, we need to maintain equipment, we always have more requests than we have funds for.

Zollo raises the Financial Planning Committee report that was endorsed by the current council and that the new council should do so as well. It is important to education the citizens on how much we spend and where, schools, police, fire, etc.

Avakian we have approved the bond for the study, we should wait to see what the report comes back with. It will depend upon what our fiscal situation is.

Ballenger the Finance Committee will need to work closely with the council and take Mr Nutting's recommendations under advisement. It will have to be a working partnership.

Jones I don't support an override until we have a viable plan in place to explain to the citizens on what will be spent, where and why. Any cuts on the state side will trickle down to us. It needs to be made as clear as possible for the citizens.

Kelly I would look for a partner who can work with all the organizations in the Town.

Powderly The Franklin Downtown Partnership has done a fabulous job. We are the city that calls itself a Town. We like the small town feel. I'd love to have a more active relationship with the project.

Live reporting - Town Council candidates

Candidates getting similar questions but worded in different ways generating their comment about the same question. Well, it could be that each should have answered the same question. There are not that many real issues for Franklin, or are there?

Live reporting - Town Council candidates

The full slate of candidates, at least those that have shown up this evening.

Single biggest opportunity thus far, regionalization is one way to save some money.

It is encumbent upon the citizens to be aware and become involved of the town issues.

Live reporting - Town Council candidates

Town Council - 9 Positions (For 2 Years)

  • Joseph McGann (absent due to a medical emergency)
  • R. Scott Mason
  • Judith Pond Pfeffer
  • Shannon Zollo
  • Robert Vallee
  • Stephen Whalen
  • Glenn Jones
  • Daniel Ballinger
  • Robert Avakian
  • Matthew Kelly
  • Tina Powderly
  • Glenna Richards - not in attendance
  • Bryce Kuchs - not in attendance due to other work commitments announced last week

Live reporting - Borad of Health 1 minute intro, questions

  • Bruce Hunchard, three children
currently chairman, has been on board for 17 years
long listing of experiences, native from Franklin

  • Koren Kanadanian
currently Director of Emergency Services at Providence College

What is the Board of Health role in health issues?
The current issue is the H1N1 virus, he has set up the process to prepare Franklin

Full time agent for Board of Health in Franklin, how is your role in relationship to the agent.
The agent does the day-to-day inspections and brings information back to the board, the board should have a good relationship

Q - How can you be pre-active instead of re-active?

Q - You have the ability to enact public policy, how would you do that?

There were only four questions prepared, two questions were repeated to a candidate that had not been asked that question before.

Two minutes for a closing statement

I am new to the political arena. I have an open mind to listen to address issues before the board.

My 17 years of experience dealing with local leaders and others in the area can enable a continuity of process.

Live reporting - starting now

Moderator Larry Benedetto

Panel will randomly select a question, no questions from the audience.

Live reporting - Board of Health candidates

The moderator will be Larry Benedetto
Time keeper will be Deb Pellegri

Board of Health - 1 Position (For 4 years)

  • Bruce Hunchard
  • Koren Kanadanian

The candidates are ready. The camerman is here and making final preparations.

Live reporting - Candidate night

A good sign, there is a crowd of people in the room. There are seats available!

Live reporting - Candidate night

Per Deb Pellegri, the order of events tonight will have a panel of four ask questions of the candidates beginning with:.

Board of Health - 1 Position (For 4 years)
  • Bruce Hunchard
  • Koren Kanadanian - new

And followed by

Town Council - 9 Positions (For 2 Years)
  • Joseph McGann
  • R. Scott Mason
  • Judith Pond Pfeffer
  • Shannon Zollo
  • Robert Vallee
  • Stephen Whalen
  • Glenn Jones - new
  • Daniel Ballinger - new
  • Robert Avakian (switch from Board of Assessors)
  • Matthew Kelly (switch from School Committee)
  • Tina Powderly - new
  • Glenna Richards - new

The panelists will be
  • Heather McCarron, Milford Daily News/Gazette
  • Ken Norman, Franklin resident, assessor
  • Jack Lank, President United Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Pat Samson, Communications Director, Dean College

Live reporting - Franklin candidate debate night

There may be a delay tonight. The cameraman has not yet arrived and a back up person is on the way.

Estimated start time 7:30 PM, or earlier if someone arrives!