Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hi ho, Hi ho - an update on the raised gardens

On the food and nutrition front, remember the raised garden beds? Yes, they are still around and growing.

The pictures above and below are from the Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School. Look closely and observe that the plant sign is in French. They have worked the foreign language curriculum into the garden process.

I met with Deb Schwab and four students to discuss using a blog to post the journal of their gardening activities and observations. I set one up for them. They need to complete their account set up and hopefully we'll get to do that before school breaks for the summer.

And what is this item? A tool worthy of hoeing the garden with! Ken Norman proudly shared this with the group. It has about a three foot handle so this was the best I could do with my camera phone at the time.

One tip I took away from the recent raised garden group meeting was in regards to weeding. If the weed has seeds, pinch the seeds and take them out of the garden area. If the weed doesn't have seeds, just hoe it back into the ground. The greenery will return the nutrients to the earth naturally.

And for your viewing pleasure: Rachel Ray was recently on Capitol Hill to help work on this issue

Hi ho, hi ho, off to blog I go!

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