Monday, June 7, 2010

VanRoon is out, the Big Y is in

From the Planning Board meeting on Monday, June 7, 2010 the quick summary is that the special permit for VanRoon is out and the one for the Big Y is in.

Van Roon Chiropractic
After closing the hearing on the site plan and the special permit, the Planning Board reviewed the facts for the special permit. Following Robert's Rules of Order they offered a motion to approve, and when there was none, offered a motion to deny, which was acknowledged and then seconded.

As they completed process, they needed to approve the special permit overall with a roll call vote. The original motion was to approve, there was no acknowledgement, the motion was to deny, it was acknowledged and seconded, then each voted 'no'. The attorney for Van Roon asked to clarify what he had just heard.

The tape was replayed and the board realized that they had voted against the motion to deny, creating a double negative.

The board voted to rescind their vote on the special permit and the second time around got it done properly.

So the residents win and Dr Van Roon will need to find another location.

348 East Central (Big Y)
After closing the hearing on the site permit and the special permit, the votes proceeded in an orderly manner to approve the site plan and special permit.

The interesting moment occurred during the last of the public comments when a carpenter union representative from Norwood spoke against the Big Y construction history of using non-union labor. Paul Cheli raised a Robert's point of order against slander by a non-resident. The comments and documentation provided were beyond the planning board realm.

So the Big Y has up to 2 years to build unless they come back before the Planning Board to ask for an extension.

It should create about 200 temporary jobs during construction, about 50-60 full-time positions and about 100-120 part-time positions.

Franklin, MA

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