Sunday, June 6, 2010

Frequently asked questions: "Is it true that we have too many overpaid administrators?"

People tell me that our schools cost too much money, and that we have too many overpaid administrators. Is that true?

Based on statistics maintained by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), Franklin pays less than half of the state average for administrative and labor costs. The statistics for all 11 categories of education spending are included below:


According to Massachusetts Department of Education, more than 85 percent of the K-12 districts in the state spend more per pupil than Franklin. Franklin’s per pupil spending is the third lowest among its 30 peer communities. The per pupil expenditure for children in Franklin’s “regular day” school programs (which excludes Special Education) has lagged well behind the state average for the last 5 years, according to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. In fiscal 2008, Franklin spent $9,751 per pupil in these programs -- $2,702 less per pupil than the statewide average of $12,453.

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The special election on June 8th gives Franklin voters the choice:

Increase taxes to continue to provide the services we have this year (and that does not restore any of the services already cut)


Continue to cut municipal services for all and cut educational opportunities for our children

I'll help to provide the information. You need to do two things:
  1. Make your choice
  2. Vote on June 8th

You get bonus points if you talk with your neighbors about this and get them to vote!

Additional information on the override can be found here:

Franklin, MA


  1. The fact of the matter is that if Franklin was spending the state average, we would be spending an additional $17 million. Anyone willing to ask for this amount of money in an override?
    I think that the schools should be commended for staying below the average. Why is this a bad thing? Why can't it be said that the rest of the state is overspending on their schools.

  2. A number of councilors have stated that being below average (on spending) with above average results (high performance) is the real goal. The key is not to be on the bottom of the list but above the bottom enough to enable the above average performance in a sustainable manner.