Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Franklin, MA: Town Council - Budget Hearing 6/9/10

The Town Council meets on Wednesday (6/9/10) and Thursday (6/10/10) to finalize the budget for fiscal year 2011. The Finance Committee has already held their budget hearings to prepare for these meetings. The decision to hold an override vote to help balance the budget given the shortfall projected and real had been made. The vote was held on June 8th and there won't be additional tax revenue from the residents to work with for FY 2011.

The budget hearings will finalize the budget cutting personnel and services.

The budget hearing document for Wednesday can be found here (PDF)

The Budget hearing document for Thursday can be found here (PDF)

For reference the Finance Committee budget hearings can be found here:
May 4th
May 6th
May 10th

The Budget Workshop held on January 25, 2010 can be found here

Franklin, MA

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