Saturday, January 15, 2011

"We hope to put as much green into the project as is financially feasible"

Boulter was one of about 35 students who explored the pros and cons of solar panels, geothermal heating, green roofs and ways to improve bathrooms with low-flush toilets, automatic hand driers and motion-activated faucets at an event at the school yesterday.
"All of these things we're seeing on projects," said Christopher Alles, a project manager at the School Building Authority, mentioning the school's coming upgrades. "This gets students thinking about green design."
Students rarely take such an active role in researching such ideas, Alles said, with parents, town officials and administrators normally proposing them.
While concepts such as geothermal heat may not be possible in Franklin, project designers are considering some of the students' proposals, including making bathrooms more environmentally friendly, Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting said.
I love this collaboration. This is a great practical educational opportunity. Read more about the student work in the Milford Daily News here

Franklin, MA


  1. Awesome that they are getting the kids involved!

  2. Yes, getting each stakeholder group involved will help the understanding of what is being done with the renovation. This effort will have lasting effects!