Friday, July 15, 2011

"The end product is very much their own"

In another movie, a dozen characters fight for the title of Greatest Warrior. 
But the class is more than goofing off with gruesome fight scenes. Kids learn how to use a plethora of gadgets, from cameras to tripods, to USB cables, to memory cards. They learn how to make a better picture with or without the flash, edit audio and video clips, and download data to the computer program they used. 
Bisbee said she also incorporates some creative writing in having the kids plan out their characters, plot and settings on paper and storyboards before acting the script out. More than the technical and academic skills, though, the kids learn teamwork. 
"They definitely get a feel for what it's like to work cooperatively and be creative. They play off each other's strengths," said Bisbee, noting that the teams have to plan together and come to a consensus throughout the week. "It's a cooperative project from beginning to end."

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