Thursday, July 14, 2011

"amendments were approved unanimously and without discussion"

The downtown district will now be labeled a mixed-use, transit-oriented area, with specific emphasis on restaurants and retail. 
The amendments are stricter on residential use than commercial. 
Apartments are restricted to upper floors, with no more than 1 dwelling per 2,000 square feet of a lot area downtown. 
While there was previously no parking restriction, each residential unit must now provide 1.5 parking spaces. There is still no parking restriction for businesses.
The 20-foot setback from the street or sidewalk originally required for buildings now starts at a minimum of 5 feet, with 15 feet for four-story buildings. Upper floors are allowed to overhang that minimum requirement.
The new rules only apply to buildings that are three stories or lower, and proposals for taller structures would still have to get special permit.

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