Saturday, July 16, 2011

In the News: there was a market for this

Franklin detectives saw the men exchange something with someone in a second car, police said, and then followed the second car and stopped a man who, by that time, had a baggie of what was later identified as cocaine in his mouth. 
The detectives then returned to the parking lot and saw a second exchange within an hour and a half involving the same green car, the police report said. 
Detectives interrupted that deal, which this time was heroin, and arrested Dejesus-Escbales and Delossantos, according to court documents. 
The two people who bought the drugs were not arrested and instead were summoned to court on possession charges, police said. 
Police found 13 small bags of heroin, one large bag of heroin, and a bag of cocaine in the Honda, along with $2,158 in cash. Officers also found five cellphones, which rang repeatedly during the arrests, according to court reports.

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