Friday, November 9, 2012

Franklin TV - Member meeting

I feel a little odd typing on my laptop here at the first annual member meeting for the Franklin TV organization. I should be using video! May be next time. (Note: I tried reporting live during the meeting but my connection was not cooperating so I went offline).

Meeting opened by Ken Norman

He provided a little more detail to the overview to the Town Council meeting on Wednesday (and recapped here

Acknowledgment of Bob Dean for all the good work he had done for cable through the years and what he had done recently to prepare the group. He was unable to participate due to health reasons.

Executive Director, Peter Fasciano
Peter showed a brief video touting Franklin TV and then some slides with the layout of the proposed facility on Hutchinson St. One good part of the current building is that there are no interior columns which would make it easier to create their studio and working space. There are also plans for a separate and free standing building in the back for a second studio. Each studio would be about 900 - 1200 sq ft in size. There would be office space, meeting space, a kitchen to service the needs of the studio as well as be capable of being used for cooking shows.

The identity for Franklin TV is important. Within Franklin TV there would be three distinct broadcast channels.

Franklin Town Hall TV would be the government channel broadcasting the Town Council, School Committee and other meetings. Technically there is an issue with being able to re-broadcast those meeting on the same channel but that is expected to be worked out. Switching the rebroadcast to this channel will free up the other two channels to hold more of their own content.

Franklin All Access TV would be the community channel continuing to broadcast those community shows as they do currently.

Franklin Pride TV would be the education channel showing the sport events and other school activities, performances, music, drama, etc.

Franklin Radio is actually being used today to provide the musical background for the schedule and other public notices shown on cable TV. This could be further developed to be its own radio station capable of broadcasting meetings and other audio content. (This would be a good place to share the Franklin Matters radio shows that have been created here.)

Ken returned to introduce the current Board members:

  • Anne Bergan - representing the School Committee
  • Bob Lenny and Wes Ray - representing Franklin TV
  • Ken Norman and Rose Turco - representing the Town Council
  • John Milot and Jay Horrigan (embarrassing to say I didn't write down their last names) were elected and re-elected respectfully by the members present during the meeting

Franklin.TV is now a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

There is a whole lot of goodness going on in this video space. The Franklin community will benefit as the group continues to develop programs and resolve the technical issues it has.

Consider visiting Franklin.TV and if you have interest in video, maybe there is something you can do to help!


  1. Thanks Steve, not sure why we did not record our
    own meeting.

    Jay Horrigan was re-elected to the Board of Directors along with our new member John Milot.

    Ken Norman
    Franklin TV

  2. Ken, thanks for the update. I made the additions/corrections to the post.