Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Real time reporting - legislation

1. Resolution 12-72: Establishment of an Operating Budget Stabilization Fund
explanation by Jeff Nutting as outlined from the FinCom meeting last night

if we don't use it in FY 2014, ok but we should need it sometime

Powderly - I support this, it is forward looking, fiscally conservative, the residents would expect us to do this, allows us to deal with variations in our budget without touching the Stabilization Fund

Motion to approve, passed 9-0

2. Resolution 12-73: Appropriation: Operating Budget Stabilization Fund
also as covered during the FinCom meeting on Tuesday night (see link above)
Motion to approve, passed 9-0

3. Resolution 12-74: Appropriation: Interest – Property Tax
also as covered during the FinCom meeting on Tuesday night (see link above)
Motion to approve, passed 9-0

4. Resolution 12-75: Town of Franklin Net Metering Power Purchase Agreement
6 megawatt facility being proposed for the Cistercian Nuns property up on Union St
this is part one of two, the second will come later
will allow for purchase of power at a reduced cost and a source of new revenue for with the property tax on the solar panels

Roy - this is a fantastic idea, it has win-win written all over it

Motion to approve, passed 9-0

5. Bylaw Amendment 12-694: Amendment to Chapter 82, Appendix A, List of Service Fee
Rates – 2nd Reading
Motion to approve, passed 9-0 via roll call

6. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 12-695: Amendment to Chapter 185 §31. Site Plan and Design
Review – Referral to Planning Board
Motion to refer, passed 9-0

Brian Taberner, Dir Planning and Development
Beth Dahlstrom, Town Planner

being talking of the site plan review process for sometime
will make it easier to understand requirements for a site plan review
streamlines the permitting process so it should be a win-win

Beth - complete rewrite of bylaw
clearly identifies process, exemptions, etc.
where special permit is required, can be submitted at the same time
can not have an approved plan without a special permit

signs moved to a different section for coverage, so all signs are covered in one section

administration enforcement under the site plan rather than

Pfeffer - has someone calculated the cost for all the copies
Taberner - this is what is already done, nothing new in the number of the copies, clarifies the information required and streamlines the process

Nutting - discretion currently with the Planning Board is taken away and made easier to understand
Pfeffer - this is extremely onerous

Bissanti - does this mean that
Taberner - if the internal use was not going to change the use, then it would be a limited site plan

Bissanti - parking plays a use role in this, and use same use also plays a role

7. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 12-696: Amendment to Chapter 185 §20 Signs. Sign Approvals
– Referral to Planning Board
Motion to waive reading, passed 9-0
Motion to refer, passed 9-0

Dahlstrom - all this does is put all the signs in one place, it does not change any of the actual language itself
Cerel - not a substantive change

Pfeffer - no wonder we don't have people knocking on the doors to come to Franklin

8. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 12-697: Amendment to Chapter 185 §45 Administration &
Enforcement. Design Review Commission – Referral to Planning Board
Motion to refer, passed 9-0

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