Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Real time reporting - closing

Kudos to the Police, Fire, DPW for the storm preparedness
not so much for the NationalGrid

Tax rate hearing on Nov 28th

Town Planner worked with the YMCA to develop a walking map which is now available

trees are being removed on the Town Common, electrical work also being done this week so the lights will be up in time

Roy - would like some additional pressure on nationalgrid
level of communication regarding the storm was unacceptable
certain communities within Franklin are getting hit on a consistent basis and it is unacceptable
we should have nationalgrid come back and address their structural issues
we need to hold them accountable

Bissanti - I want to echo Councilor Roy's comments

Nutting - we'll give them credit for what they did do, they did the trees, they did put someone at the Fire Station but they have a long way to go. They do need to address the equipment issue (Union loop)

Jones - I would like to see them back with real answers and a real plan!

Pfeffer - how is the roof?
Nutting - the rain came from the other direction, it will be for the capital improvement committee; it is worse in the winter and when the snow melts
Pfeffer - am I the only one worried about the Jefferson school leak?
Nutting- vote to put up the money when the time comes

Kelly - if the trucks have GPS, someone out there knows where the trucks are. Foxboro was the squeaky wheel  last time and we did not hear about Foxboro this time. This time Chelmsford was on, maybe we should be

Kelly - train whistle at 4:00 AM, is there someone the Town can call?
Nutting - the whistles are set for standard per Federal law

Pfeffer - capital budget meeting?
Nutting - perhaps before next weekend

Roy - thanks to the community for carrying the day. I'll get sworn in January

Bissanti - thanks, congratulations

Pfeffer - kudos to all who ran

Powderly - this meeting showed Franklin at its best, everyone stepped up and we were able to recognize them tonight. I am hearing about cross walk issues at King St and the cross walk for Parmenter. The traffic has been increasing up there

Kelly - thanks to the election staff, great work
thanks to the pole workers at nationalgrid, great work once you get the ticket

Mercer - reminder Nov 14th public hearing on the new high school to discuss the phases of the construction, architect, contractor and project manager will be there

Nutting - we have no legal control to the site, the contractor has control at this point

Negotiations, Litigation, Real Property, as May Be Required

motion to go to executive session, for real estate
not to return to open meeting
passed 9-0, via roll call


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