Monday, November 5, 2012

"It’s been a great race"

The position statements have been touted frequently, now it is time to get out the vote. The Milford Daily News reports on a reflection of the campaigns for the 10th Norfolk District by the candidates:
Roy, of Franklin, and Eustis, of Medway, know the district well. Yet both acknowledged that because of the microscope put on it by campaigning, they have learned so much more about the towns and their residents. 
"I’ve been to neighborhoods I never knew existed," Roy said. "I’ve made new friends." 
This hyper-local election, they say, has been all about going door-to-door. The candidates each boast about having visited with thousands of their would-be constituents. And they have been humbled by the kindness and openness shown to them on the campaign trail. 
"It was amazing to me how freely people would share their personal stories and details of struggles they have had — me coming to their door as a stranger," Eustis said. "They were so welcoming and candid in our discussions. They left me more committed than ever to fight to help make their lives better, day to day."

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