Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Real time reporting - Franklin TV

Franklin TV, Ken Norman

incorporated in Nov 2011
original charter called for 7 directors
Ken now president of Corporation, got funding in March 2012
found and hired Peter Fasciano as Executive Director

using small room downtown, explored other spaces within Franklin
looked at Huchinson St property
over Labor Day weekend, explored the property purchase options and have a signed purchase and sale agreement
have filed or will be filing notices to assume occupancy and build a 30,000 900 - 1200 sq ft studio

Thursday, Nov 8th first annual meeting
At the Senior Center, starting at 6:00 PM

handed business plan to Jeff Nutting, completing the requirements

Peter worked in broadcast all his life, TV and video production 
built the original Channel 7 studio
had staff of 50 people with a 20,000 sq ft studio for video commercials
worked for Avid technology, an editor software ran the advanced development group
has 24 patents for TV, much that is shown on TV goes through software and features I had part in

rebuilt Medfield facility two years ago, and when the opportunity arose here, I applied for it

received initial funding of $400,000 of the cable funds, expecting to get the remainder of the funding sometime

documented the requirements of a video production studio
size average, 900 to 1,000 sq ft for a town of our size
drive in access, piano or van for equipment moves
one of the difficulties is finding suitable space

did look at the Emmons St, would need to be on the second floor, accessible via the elevator
would be workable but not desirable

there is a stream along the back so the property is designated as river front

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  1. Steve, I hope I said 1200 sq ft studio in the back
    of the building and not 30,000. I do not want to scare the neighborhood.

    Ken Norman
    Franklin TV