Monday, December 17, 2012

Real time reporting: Planning Board

General business

250 East Central St
question on enclosing steel around the dumpster, how is this updated to the 'as built' plans?
motion to accept certificate of completion, approved with one abstention

100 West Central St
Dean College looking for an extension to Jan 7
motion to accept, approved

3 Forge Parkway
landscaping items awaiting completion, need to wait until the spring time to complete
motion to accept with the punch list items so noted, i.e. partial completion; approved

14 Grove St
a number of items not completed and accurately shown
Don Nielsen updated on the safety improvements that were completed and updated with a revised Form H sent in today.
B Dahlstrom - there are timelines for form completion and submitting today does not allow proper time to complete the inspection
Proposed inspection on the 20th, motion to approve Form H dated Dec 20th (assuming inspection results are satisfactory; motion made and approved

438 West Central St
Taco Bell, Don Nielsen
items to be completed by Dec 17th were done with the exception of the light poles along the drive through, they were too tall and would not create enough safe space with the high voltage lines
Upon inspection, to confirm items completed (Dec 21), occupancy will be held; motion, approved

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