Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Live reporting: Town Council - Dec 19, 2012

Present: Mercer, Dellorco, Powderly, Vallee, Pfeffer, Jones, Bissanti, Roy
Absent: Kelly

Statement by Town Council on Sandy Hook Tragedy and preparations here in Franklin, read by Council Chair Bob Vallee.

January 11, 2012 Budget Workshop

This meeting is being recorded by Franklin TV, Franklin Matters and shown on Comcast channel 11 and Verizon channel 29.

Citizenship Award – James E. Vallee

Roy - only complaint is that the job he has done will make his role that much as challenging. Always accessible, always approachable. Parallel with family in having two girls and a boy. Spend time with your beautiful family. Thanks you for all your work on behalf of Franklin and our neighboring communities.

Bissanti - Jim's local hand's on approach inspired me to take a more active approach. He was never without a smile.

Jones - You have a been a good friend, you have taught me much. I aspired to do as much as you do to support the community like you do. Your efforts have not been unnoticed. Thank you for all your years of service.

Pfeffer - This is not a eulogy, you are very much alive and should be around.

Podwerly - You are the epitome of public service. Never hesitant to answer a question, even if it h=may have been a simple one. All of those things that have made you a great rep will enable you to be a success in your new role.

Dellorco - Everyday when you walked into the State House, you think of Franklin

Jim Vallee - I can't believe I am leaving before Tom!

Mercer - I have been honored to work with Jim for quite some time, in the 90's when Franklin was the fastest growing community in the state. Thanks to Jim we are building a model school for the high school.

Nutting - I would like to add that we would be still fighting with the MSBA and the price would be fifty million dollars more. Our chapter 70 amounts are the largest in the state, the roads, helping with the playground, the signs downtown, your foot print is every where.

Jim Vallee addresses the Town Council

Jim Vallee - My peers in the legislature are jealous of this community. The Town has chosen good people to work with, Mark Ceral, Jeff Nutting, Maxine Kinehart, etc. I will continue to help Jeff Roy. A lot of people get paid in other communities for what you do. I intend to stay engaged in this community and volunteer where I can. Thank you Dad for your inspiration.

Dick thank you for everything you have done for this town!

Roy - thank you Dick for all your help in the transition. It goes a long way. You two have been inseparable!

3 minute recess for hand shakes

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