Monday, December 17, 2012

Real time reporting: Hoffman Farms

Public hearing
Hoffman Farms - Daniels St

proposing a gravel driveway in the sub-division
also a well would be place on the land to provide water for the farm cultivation

proposal to construct a house on Lot 1, and Lot 1 only
Lot 2, agricultural advantage for purchase and retaining the land as farm land, not to be developed in the future

discussion on the use of the gravel road for a farm or farm house no issue, if it were to be developed later, the gravel road is an issue, it could be mitigated with a condition

concern about the law point containing the water so that it would not drain to the nearby property

the use of this land for agriculture is a win for Franklin
private road covenant required from Town Council

approved to go forward and come back with a more detailed plan on Jan 7th, 7:45 PM

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