Wednesday, December 19, 2012

live reporting - Closing

I would like to echo the comments for having a top notch School Administration, they made several updates over the weekend to

Vallee - you're going to meet with those three people (Jones, Pfeffer, Bissanti) and the Planners
Nutting - yes, that's why I wanted some time to do so

Roy - meeting with NationalGrid, making progress
Bissanti - and interesting meeting, my first, communication was fleshed out as the problem, they know that now.
Nnutting - the Union loop feeds six towns, they are putting together a 1-4 year plan to upgrade that, they are also looking to site more equipment in the town which will help. The DPU will assist us in keeping on eye on this

Powderly - possibility of online banking to improve the online payment options
Nutting - Jim Dacey is looking at and RFP for this, perhaps we'd have something for next fiscal year

Roy - thanks to Jeff and Tina for putting together that notice, it was a mind boggling event. It is important to ensure our community that their children are safe. It is a frequent topic of concern. i get sworn in and will be attending a meeting shortly thereafter.

Bissanti - I want to echo what Jeff Nutting said, the schools, teacher, principals did a great job handling this. I am getting good comments back from others who go to the schools. I can't understand how these things occur. We may not understand. It is a tragedy.

Jones - I appreciate the letter as read tonight. I was emotionally effected by the event esp with five children of my own. I do feel comforted by the fact that the Schools, teachers, principals, Administration go out of their way to take care of the children.  Merry Christmas, enjoy the holidays.

Pfeffer - tonight we celebrated a former Rep, it was a great tribute to him and his family.

Powderly - any update on the fuel assistance money?
Nutting - Bob Fahey and the Food Pantry

I was able to take part in the Friends of Franklin wrapping party, gifts were wrapped within 45 minutes.
happy holidays and happy new year to everyone

Dellorco - Our staff does a great job, there are alot of folks that do a great job looking out for the safety of the children.

Mercer - I echo the comments of my fellow councilors, happy holidays to all

Negotiations, Litigation, Real Property, as May Be Required
approve via roll call vote, 8-0

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