Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Olivia Act

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I have sort of avoided writing about what happened in Newtown, CT.  Partly because the press was all over it and pushing it through my pores.  But mostly because it really shook me up.  Let's be real here.  I cried for days.  I cried in my bedroom, my kitchen, the grocery store parking lot and even in the produce section.  It really hit me hard.  There have been far to many other school shootings, even one in my hometown in Vermont, but this one was different for me.  It was little, itty-bitty, helpless babies and I HAVE a little, itty-bitty, helpless baby.  Even now as I try to write this I can't grasp all the reasoning behind why I have felt the way I have.  But it makes me sad.  I don't know anything about the heartbreak one must feel losing a child, but I do know about loving a child.  I held Max extra tight that night and every night since.  I stare deep in to his beautiful hazel eyes just a little longer when I say "bye-bye" and even "good morning".  I am so blessed to have Max in my life and I cherish every day.  I hope the families of those children, those babies, those teachers, cherished every day and know that they too are so blessed to of had them in their lives.  

This past September, we had our family pictures taken by my friend and colleague, Deb.  I am so glad that we have that moment in our life captured forever.  Years from now, we will look back on it and laugh and love and squeal (because Max was just too darn cute with that red balloon!).  I truly believe in the importance of documenting life and from that I was put in touch with The Olivia Act.  The Olivia Act was set up by a Connecticut photographer as a way to encourage other photographers to give back.  We were asked to offer a free 30 minute session to a family in need who may not have gotten a professional photography session otherwise.  The family is chosen through nominations written by their family, friends and neighbors within that family's town.

So, I am joining in and offering a free, 30 minute session to one family, along with a DVD of the images and an 8X10 print that they can frame and have in their home forever.  If you would like to nominate a Franklin/Boston area family, please e-mail me personally at and tell me why this family should be the ones to receive this gift.  I will be accepting nominations via e-mail until January 18, 2013.

Please spread the word however you can :)  If you would like to find a participating photographer in your area, please check out The Olivia Act blog here.

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