Saturday, January 5, 2013

"It’s a humbling honor"

The Shire Book Shop is one of the featured photos in the new Franklin Calendar and gaining some well deserved recognition with this award as noted by the Milford Daily News.
In the regular "Best 5 in New England’’ column of the January/February issue, Richard Wright observed the Union Avenue store combines the soothing atmosphere of a friend’s private library with the eclectic pleasures of a devoted bibliophile’s extensive collection. 
"After 30 years, the owners of the Shire Book Shop still offer to brew you a cup of tea, making your stroll among the 100,00 used and out-of-print books in this former mill building even more of a pleasure." 
The author of "A Vacationer’s Guide to Rural New England Bookstores," Wright noted of the Shire: "Each purchased book is carefully protected with an archival dust jacket."

Browse the book shelves and have a sit to explore the book in detail in comfort

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You can visit the Shire Book Shop on Union St (at the railroad crossing) or their website on line at

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