Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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Here are a couple of entries in the current survey on "What should the #1 goal for Franklin be?"

  • Extra Parking for Downtown Franklin and a 100 seat movie theater
Reason: Norwood, Dedham, Newburyport, Lexington and many more have theaters and they are not college towns nor do they have as high a population as we do

  • End risky fluoridation

Reason: It has been nearly two years since Franklin officials were notified by concerned residents about the federal government's fluorosis warnings regarding sodium fluoridation. Officials have known for more than a year that hundreds of Franklin residents, upon learning of these federal warnings, stopped consenting to uncontrolled dosages of sodium fluoride. Officials have known for five months about the Harvard University study suggesting a link between fluoridation and impaired brain development in children. Health justice delayed is health justice denied. Anyone who needs fluoride can easily get it; there is no need to force it everyone, particularly in uncontrolled dosages. If surrounding towns like Milford, Bellingham and Blackstone allow their parents and medical professionals to control their kids' fluoride dosages, then why not Franklin parents? The health and safety of children is the #1 priority of any town. The right of parents to make informed dosage decisions based on doctors' recommendations is too important to ignore any longer. The time is now for the health board members to lift their risky and reckless sodium fluoridation order.

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