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Annual Report 2012: Housing Authority


The following Officers were duly elected at the annual organizational meeting of the Franklin Housing
Authority held on April 9, 2012.

George A. Danello, Chairman
Christopher K. Feeley, Vice Chairperson
Peter L. Brunelli, Treasurer
Mark A. Teehan, Assistant Treasurer
John R. Padula, Commissioner

Lisa M. Audette, Executive Director
Diane Lamoureux, Administrative Assistant
Melva Jackson, Office Clerk
Candice Day, Office Assistant
Michael Gilligan, Maintenance Supervisor
William Pizzi, Maintenance Laborer
Frank McAvoy, Maintenance Groundskeeper
Anne Ayotte, Service Coordinator

Modernization of the Franklin Housing Authority Properties
A total of 32 water closets (toilets) were replaced with efficient low-flow units at the FHA in June at 45 Winter Street. Funding for this project came through the Department of Housing & Community Development’s energy conservation program. By replacing 32 water closets, Franklin Housing Authority will look forward to a reduced water consumption and therefore a reduced water/sewer use expense.

In 2011, Franklin Housing Authority replaced 67 water closets at Central Park Terrace. We have begun to
calculate our savings and we expect to reduce our water/sewer bill by approximately $10,000 annually.
This money will give FHA a greater ability to maintain our units.

Also, through the Department of Housing & Community Development’s energy conservation program, FHA completed an energy audit that resulted in the replacement of 28 old refrigerators with new energy star units for our family residents Additional improvements, during the 2012 FYI include replacement of three roofs, repairs to catch basins, replacement of electrical panels and upgrade of electrical outlets. All of these projects were primarily funded through the Department of Housing and Community Development with Formula Funding. We work diligently to put to good use any funding for improvements from the department.

FHA Property
The Franklin Housing Authority manages 161 units of State Aided Elderly/Disabled Housing, 33 units of low
income Family Housing and an 8-unit Group Home. Additionally, the Housing Authority is responsible for a
four bedroom congregate facility. This program provides a shared living environment for its residents who maintain private bedrooms. Congregate housing was established for residents who are self-reliant, however may need limited support. Franklin Housing Authority also owns two single family homes and one duplex in Franklin. These properties are reserved for lease to low-income persons and afford these families the opportunity to reside in a residential neighborhood.

Additionally, Franklin Housing Authority has been awarded $1,250,000 for the development of an additional Chapter 689 housing facility. Chapter 689 housing is reserved for mentally challenged adults and will be overseen by the Department of Mental Retardation. We have secured a suitable site for this development on Plain Street. Further the designer; Winter Street Architects has been approved and has begun the design phase of this development. This development will be seeking design approval from the Town of Franklin Zoning Board of Appeals and the Design Commission.

Special Events Noted with Appreciation
Rotary Club members served their annual spaghetti dinner to FHA residents and area seniors complete with all the fixings. Commissioner John Padula was the head Chef and also provided some entertainment. Rotary members cooked, served, entertained and picked up after. Rotarians always comment that the smiles and the kind words of appreciation received make their time and efforts very rewarding.

Special Thanks
The Board of Commissioners, Staff and Residents of the Franklin Housing Authority wish to express
their thanks and appreciation to the following:

The Clergy, a continuous support and comfort in the time of need and always.

Franklin Senior Association Members:
Suzanne Wade, President
Linda Doonan, Vice President
Joyce Hutchinson, Treasurer
Evelyn Pelletier, Secretary
Evelyn Mucciarone, Member at Large
This Association plans pizza parties, holiday gatherings, morning coffee and donuts, card parties and many more events for the enjoyment of all Franklin Seniors.

Chairman Bob Vallee and all of the Franklin Town Council Members, Town Administrator, Jeffrey Nutting and his staff for their continued support and assistance.

Council on Aging, Veterans Agent, SHINE Program and Food Pantry for assisting residents with health care concerns and working with the Authority to recognize needs and provide activities, nourishment and
specialized services.

Franklin Police Department, Chief Semerjian and the entire Franklin Police Department for continuous concern, attention and response to the needs of the Authority and its Residents.

Franklin Fire and Rescue, Chief Gary McCarraher and his department are always professional and respectful.

Senator Karen Spilka, Senator Richard Ross, Representative James Vallee, U.S. Congressmen James McGovern, and Senators Scott Brown and John Kerry for their relentless support of the Housing Programs and Bills with the best interest of our residents at heart.

Governor Patrick for his relentless support of Massachusetts public housing.

Norfolk County Sherriff’s Department and Sherriff Michael Bellotti for including FHA in their inmate community service program.

Dean Bank for the donation of a wide screen television, blue ray and several movies to our Senior Community Hall and Senior Association.

Through the years, the community and the housing authority are finding ways to improve the quality of life
for our area seniors and low-income families. With the support of the Commissioners and the community the Franklin Housing Authority continues to be a great, safe and affordable community living opportunity.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa M. Audette, PHM, Executive Director

from the Town Clerk Annual Report page, this comes from the 2012 Annual Report

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