Monday, December 31, 2012

"The $10.5 million effort will begin in 2016"

I find it interesting that the Milford Daily News has an article on road work for the i495 section in Franklin. The work planned will include the bridges, road surfaces as well as the on/off ramps. The interesting part is that the work is not scheduled to begin until 2016! It is good that MassDOT is planning ahead. What the road conditions will be like when they finally get started remains to be seen.
Any work done to I-495 benefits the town, said Department of Public Works Director Robert Cantoreggi. 
Cantoreggi believes that the state rarely does this level of work, saying it’s high time the town's section of I-495 — going from the Wrentham town line to Beaver Street — received improvements. 
"A lot of times, we get calls about the conditions of the ramps because people think they’re under the control of the town," he said. "The ramps have been in awful condition and I’ve called the state about it many times."

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