Friday, March 8, 2013

Friends of the SNETT Trail Summit - Cancelled for Friday March 8, 2013

Hi everyone,
Due to the weather(…again), we are canceling the Friends of the SNETT Trail Summit (…again).  We've seen conflicting weather reports and decided it was best for everyone to not have to travel should the worst of the predictions come true.
Even though the third time is a charm, as the saying goes, we decided not to reschedule a third Trail Summit.  Instead, we are going to post a  "Virtual Trail Summit 3.0"  on our Friends of the SNETT ( website.  The same information in an easy-to-read online format, but without the snow.  We are hoping to have Trail Summit 3.0 available by the end of next week and will keep you posted.   While we are disappointed that we will not be meeting with our legislators and DCR to talk about the SNETT,  we look forward to gathering with them at other Friends of the SNETT events.  We have several exciting activities planned for National Trails Day on June 1, 2013 that will show our communities' commitment the SNETT.      We would like to thank the Town of Blackstone for offering the use of their Town Hall for the Summit and to everyone that was going to donate food, drinks, and paper goods.  Thanks to the Town of Franklin for giving us the name tags, folders and labels.  We appreciate the efforts of the video crew, who put together a visual tour of the SNETT (which will be available on the website).  And, thank you to our speakers—Senator Moore and Representative Roy, Becky Kalagher (BSTRA) and Conrad Crawford—for being willing to speak twice about the trail.    Finally, we would like end with the beautiful cake that Kathy Wicks had made for the February Summit and then, with foresight, decided not to order again for the March Summit.  I hear it tasted as good as it looked!

SNETT cake

Have a good weekend and get outside on the SNETT—it's great for snowshoeing!

Stacey, Jean and Charlie

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