Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Anytime we can save the taxpayers money, I would be in favor of it"

In the Milford Daily News recap of the Town Council meeting on Wednesday, they report on only one agenda item, the proposed refinancing of the high school building project.
Homeowners residing in a property assessed at $353,000 will see a $71 increase on their tax bills in fiscal year 2014 — up from $45 in the prior plan — and a $212 increase in fiscal 2015, up from $85. They will pay $212 again in fiscal 2016, down from $216, and the same amount every year after that until the town covers its debt. 
The preliminary payment method had residents paying an additional $260 in 2017. 
With the plan Nutting presented on Wednesday, taxpayers would over the life of the project pay a total of $5,440, rather than $6,612. 
"I’m very comfortable from where we’re sitting right now," said School Building Committee Chairman Tom Mercer, speaking remotely from China. "Although we have that ... spike, this is really a no brainer; it just saves everybody money."

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For the full report on the entire agenda of the Town Council meeting, you can visit this link

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