Friday, March 8, 2013

MassBudget: Early Education & Care in Massachusetts

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Early Education & Care in Massachusetts

When MassBudget first unveiled our Children's Budget two weeks ago, we described the many opportunities it provides to see what we do through our state government to help children thrive. That includes descriptions and funding information for over 150 different programs across the state budget.

Our new brief, "Nurturing Kids, Supporting Families: Early Education & Care in the Massachusetts State Budget," builds on the resources in the Children's Budget to assess one key facet of our effort to support kids: Early Education & Care.

Decades of research have shown that quality Early Education & Care can help prepare children for success in school and in life--while also giving parents the flexibility they need to find and keep jobs. "Nurturing Kids, Supporting Families" analyzes the investments Massachusetts is making in that area, including child care for low-income families and vulnerable children, efforts to improve the quality of child care and pre-school programs, and the infrastructure necessary to make these possible.

"Nurturing Kids, Supporting Families" is the latest in a series of MassBudget reports on Early Education & Care in Massachusetts, including:

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