Thursday, March 7, 2013

Town Council Meeting - 03/06/13

The collection of posts by agenda section for the Town Council meeting Wednesday evening, March 6, 2013 can be found below.

Police Chief Stephan Semerjian presented an overview of the Police Dept spiced with some historical photos. He committed to sending the presentation copy to me so I can share it here.

The refinancing costs for the high school building project can be reduced by over $1,000 per homeowner. There are two years early in the life of the bond where the cost for the year is higher than initially projected but then the remaining years are all lower. This is with a project rate of 3.65% and the bonds may actually be able to be financed for less than that resulting in a further reduction overall. The Town Council was in consensus on this non-voting item. We'll get an update later this year as the bond deal is finalized.

The solid waste (trash and recycling rate) will increase from $204 to $212 for the next fiscal year (beginning in July). While this is an increase, the overall cost is still lower (with the increase) than with the previous system. The totters are paid off, the system is working well, trash collection is down and recycling is up.

The Town Council approved the second power purchase agreement for the solar energy 'farm' being put up on the Mount St Mary's property this year. This is the second of the two agreements signed. The combined worth of the two agreements is $6M over twenty years. This amount comes from the cost savings for the electricity purchased as well as the increased property taxes being collected.

The Public Library has a Facebook Page and a Twitter account! Yes, the Town is continuing to explore the use of these social media tools to help share information with Franklin residents.

You can find the Library on Facebook here

and on Twitter here

The agenda and documentation as published by Franklin can be found here

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