Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Live reporting - High School Building costs

slide included in PDF for agenda
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$6,612 vs. 5,440
projected to be individualized costs per household over the life of the funding required

for a couple of years up front, you pay slightly more but over the long term, the total payments are less by $1,172 (and it could be more)

Jeff made presentation, Tom Mercer participating via telephone conference call

Nutting - The under ground is done, the steel is rising. The only real unknown left is if when we take down the old school we find something we didn't expect.

Roy - Anytime we can save the taxpayers money it is a no-brainer

Nutting - projected to be about a 20% savings over the life of the bond

Mercer - yes, we have a year spike but otherwise it saves us money in the long term

Jones - many of the naysayers for the school were fearful that the school was going to be a taj mahal and be full of cost overruns. To that we have been under and continuing to reduce is good.

Powderly - I appreciate the diligence in looking to avoid surprises, saving money overall

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