Monday, April 22, 2013

Franklin street construction (photo essay)

My walk around Franklin on the weekend ended up with some photos of the progress putting in the curbs and sidewalks along East, West, Nason and other streets in that area of the town.

curbing on East St

Asphalt curbing along the train tracks on East St

concrete sidewalk on East St

New curbing and sidewalk on the other side of East St

curbing and sidewalks on West St

New curbing and sidewalks on West St

sidewalk prep on West St

Across the street and looking back to the train tracks on West St

sidewalk prep on Nason St

curbing and sidewalks on Nason St

On the Town Council agenda for this Wednesday's meeting is an update by DPW Director Brutus Cantoreggi on the work his department has scheduled for this summer.

You can find the full agenda here

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