Thursday, April 25, 2013

Town Council - 04/24/13

Regent Circle residents made another appearance at the Council meeting to continue to make their case for getting the road repaired, rebuilt and at minimum a date for such actions. They did gain a commitment to having the patch work started in the next 60 days. The patching will address the safety issues. Franklin will be working to combine the water/sewer work listing with the current road conditions listing and have the updated 'master' list ready by the end of the year. From that listing, there will likely be a proposal for a water bond issue to cover the next set of water main repairs. The funding from the last bond is what is providing the work currently scheduled for the next couple of years. A compete rebuilding of the road and neighboring roads is possible 2-3 years out at the earliest if the timelines discussed during the meeting hold true. Worse case, it could be easily beyond 5 years out for a re-buld of the road. Once money is allocated (and that is the key issue) design work would still need to be done before the work is started.

The status of the former municipal building on Emmons St drew some sharp criticism from some councilors as they reviewed an estimate for repairs that clearly had not been presented in any prior capital budget session. They hadn't because Facility Director Mike D'Angelo didn't recommend them. The Council's position is that they make the decisions and D'Angelo should simply be providing the data and information.

An outstanding request for work orders for school building repairs also gather some sharp words when the conversation shifted to the persistent leak at the Jefferson School. Work on the leaks has been done since the building opened and is now the subject of an engineering study and proposal due in May to re-do the spot that is poorly designed and generating the leaks.

DPW Director Robert (Brutus) Cantoreggi made a presentation on the work projects the DPW has underway for the next couple of years. A copy of the presentation should be added here later.

A series of zoning bylaws was rescheduled to be heard on May 15th. The Planning Board has them currently under review and have not completed their work with them yet, hence the rescheduling.

Earth Day clean up will be held from Beaver St on Saturday, Apr 27 from 9:00 Am to 1:00 PM

The FY 2014 budget hearings will be at the Town Council on May 15 and May 16.

The collection of posts reported live from the Town Council meeting Wednesday, Apr 24 can be found below.

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