Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Live reporting - Facilities


Facilities Director – Michael D’Angelo
The old municipal building now housing the Recreation Department

built in 1894, added to in 1968
consultants came in to see what the conditions are, what the options would be to use or re-use
ramp system is in poor condition, masonry of original building in need of re-pointing
metal doors require replacement
ballaster on the railings going up the stairs don't meet current code
HVAC needs updates
cost estimates provided don't include paint, paper, etc.
$2.2 M price tag

relocate the Recreation Dept.
Could the Town lease?

Many items are maintenance items, who has not been taking care of this?
The council tried to sell this six years ago and didn't get a buyer

Nutting - We didn't want to spend the money to fix

Pfeffer - You haven't done anything with this building
D'Angelo - I wouldn't recommend anything other than selling it
Pfeffer- you never reported to use what the costs are for repairing this building

Bissanti - I am confused. perhaps it needs to be demolished, I don't know why we are trying to hang on to it

Nutting - We have been using the building with other departments there, now there is only one
We've been twiddling our thumbs since 2007 since the market tanked
Was priced at $1M, offered at $700K and the council didn't want to take it
The land is more valuable than the building
this is prime space downtown

Jones - does it or not include asbestos/
D'Angelo - hard to tell without testing, it was built along time ago so there may not be much as one built in the 40's or 50's
Jones - is there mold?
D'Angelo - I don't know, for some reason the building has never had a real ventilation issue
Jones - I think it needs to go, something needs to be done with the corner

Powderly - the question is whether we want to hold, it sell it or raze it
this is an exorbitant amount of money, I would like to see what we could get for it
there are lot of safety questions and we have people going in there regularly, if we don't know what is there, then we would need to get out of there

Nutting - I think you're jumping the gun, you need to replace the parking for the Post Office, 

Kelly - if this building should be knocked down, and we have the recreation dept in there, we need to get the family and kids out

Nutting - these are safety issues only if you re-do the building

Kelly - countless meetings of the capital  committee over the years, we need the details, we make the decisions. 

Bissanti - if we want to sell the building, we can craft the RFP to provide us coverage during the downtown project. Developers would be more than willing to make that concession. 

Pfeffer - this is an asset that we are not taking care of, are there any others that we are not taking care of

D'Angelo - the old museum, we moved out of

Nutting - we are doing a study on the library, we did the outside, we are updating the inside with the new set of plans

Jones - I have concerns about the building and with community working and coming to it, we should relocate the Recreation Dept as soon as possible. I would tear the building down and use it for parking during the construction

Nutting - you can lease, sell, lots of options that you could explore before the Council makes a decision

Jefferson School
Design on replacement of roof system, bids due back on May 9th, hope to bring the project to you on the 15th

Pfeffer - the last time you came you said there was no mold, it was tested in one spot where it was leaking
D'Angelo - tested in one spot with the ceiling tile, no other visible spots where it would likely be, currently 2 areas where water comes in

Pfeffer - we brought this up last year nothing has been done since then 

Kelly - I was told there were 26 tiles replaced during the vacation
D'Angelo - mostly in those two main areas

D'Angelo - with single ply roofing, we are always chasing leaks and always fixing leaks

Kelly - we asked to see a listing of work orders, we still haven't seen it
Mercer - I asked for it
D'Angelo - what time frame would you like the report for?
Mercer - last year
D'Angelo - I'll get Mr Nutting the report to distribute it to you

D'Angelo - the engineer that came out did the checks, he does it for a living, it is a metal deck system, mostly mold needs something to grow on. Just change the tile, it is the easiest way to go. Even the best roofer in the world doesn't find every leak on every trip

Mercer - during the Horace Mann project we became very mold aware, we kept records on that for 5 years, I received a report every 90 days. That was part of the contractor report that we should be doing at Jefferson?

D'Angelo - we had a leak at Horace Mann that had never showed up before, we patched, it leaked again, it did do more damage, we replace sheet rock, dried out the cavity and it has rained since then with nothing else happening

Mercer - do we go back and test?
D'Angelo - yes, right away

Cerel - there are hundreds of thousands of species of mold, some are more common than others, some are more dangerous than others

Mercer - that was not a hard thing to do, to get the report every 90 days
D'Angelo - you are in a priority spot right now, there is no big secret that there is mold up there, at least out in the rumor mill right now

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