Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Live reporting: Hearings

1. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-701: Changes to Chapter 185, Section 3. Definitions 
2. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-702: Changes to Chapter 185, Section 36. Impervious Surfaces
3. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-703: Changes to Chapter 185, Section 40. Water Resource District
4. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-704: Changes to Chapter 185, Attachment 9. Schedule of Lot, Area, Frontage, Yard and Height Requirements
motion to move these items to another meeting.
reason, the Planning Board has these under discussion but hasn't completed their hearing yet to make a recommendation to the Town Council. Moving the items out to another meeting gives them the time to do so

5. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-705: Changes to Chapter 185, Section 5. Zoning Map

This came through the Economic Development Council

motion to close hearing, passed 8-0
motion to move to first reading, passed 8-0

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