Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Live reporting - closing

Budget hearings May 15, May 16
Earth Day - Saturday, Apr 27

Flag lowering - performed as instructed by the Governor, only for the facilities not for all the flags
originally through to Sat, then amended to Monday and then further to today

Regent Circle will get addressed in the next 60 days
will be aligning with water, sewer and road plans in the future
would like to do more with the roads but we don't have the money
we have other obligations to consider, I don't have other options other than a dedicated override for roads

get the listing of the facility tickets

Regent Circle, it will be repaired but not reconstructed

Steve Derderian, I appreciate the presentation, it was thorough, details and you have a lot on your plate
no one dispute that is in horrendous conditions
you are slipping further and further
you clearly need a funding source year in and year out
chip sealed done 25 years ago
if I had a budget, it is getting back to basics, here is a fifty year old road that has never had proper repair
I voted for the high school

Diane Martin - I was told two years ago that the road wasn't on the next ten year plan and to bring it to the Town Council, safety is a concern, we are looking for road reconstruction

Nutting - we start planning things a year or two ahead, in the short term we are going to fill some holes, we are going to use hot top, not cold patch, it will be makeshift until we can rebuild
the dilemma we have is some get fixed with the water line and others not
$55,000 but that doesn't do the water line

Cantoreggi - it has got to the point where it needs to be reconstructed
we are going to take care of the safety sections of the road, it may not look great but it will be safe

Bissanti - I hear what you are saying, I think what you are asking is to be moved up on the list

Pfeffer- we can't just do Regent Circle
it is not worth doing your street without doing the water
we are doing the best we can

Jones - we understand your complaints, I know the condition it is, the underlying issue is money
168 miles of road, I am convinced the plan we have is in good condition, the only way to gain additional money is through an override, there has been only one successful.

Kelly - we are all listening to you, I live on Crescent St. Getting on the Council is not a way to get it done anyway quicker. We are trying to play catch up. Prior to ten years ago, there was nothing, the capital planning now is better than it was. there is no money left. The budget is level funded, if there was anything left I would spend it. There is not a councilor here who doesn't want to fix this but we need the money.

Dellorco - After the last meeting, I drove your road. It is horrible. Brutus you will do a good job here. Come back and tell us how good they did

Brutus - we don't do cold patch anymore, the stuff we use is better

Nutting - we can get a date later this year when we get our water master plan

Vallee - what is happening with the corner of Cottage and Union?
Nutting - calls have been made and no return has been received, we may need to get our Representative involved

Dellorco - my condolences to those involved, kudos to the Metro SWAT team they did really well

Powderly - really best of humanity that we saw, every single person responded well, it showed the best of who we can be

Bissanti - commend the men in blue and yellow coats, made me proud to be an American

Jones - god bless anyone who was hurt
kudos to the Watertown Police dept

congratulate Hamilton Technology, grand opening this week, there may even be an expansion

Pfeffer - congrats to the Cultural Council

Vallee - Does D'Angelo have staff?
Nutting - has one person got sick from mold? no
we have less custodians, less employees, a lot more square feet to manage, the complexity of the job is incredible, go find another town and see if there buildings beat ours

Negotiations, Litigation, Real Property, as May Be Required 


motion to adjourn, passed 8-0

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