Friday, January 10, 2014

"an opportunity to both tell HMEA’s story and help a local business"

The Milford Daily News reports on new videos produced by Six One Seven Studios for HMEA.
When directors from Six One Seven Studios first sat down with the Horace Mann Education Associates to discuss a series of short promotional films, they wanted to learn everything they could about the nonprofit. 
The production team was quickly overwhelmed. 
They struggled to grasp how one company could do so much for so many people, from the children with autism trying to make it through school, to the mentally disabled adults grasping for some semblance of independence. 
But after spending 15 days last summer with the people of HMEA, the directors, Peter Jacelone, Joe Palumbo and Bryan Roberts, not only understood the company’s story, but learned from it, too. 
"They have such a powerful story to tell," Palumbo said. "It helped us grow."
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One of the videos currently on the HMEA webpage: (not likely one of the new videos mentioned in the article, once those are posted, I'll share them here too)

For more about the HMEA, you can visit their webpage at

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