Thursday, January 9, 2014

Annual Report 2013: Public Library

In FY2013, the Franklin Public Library continued to strengthen its programs and services.

The Library welcomed Allison Meideros, Youth Services Librarian. Allison has brought a fresh perspective and boundless energy to programming. This enthusiasm is reflected in the number of new regularly scheduled programs, special programs and new collaborations with Downtown Partnerships, the Franklin School of Performing Arts, Community Partnerships and the Mom’s Club. This fall, Community Partnerships will introduce a new Science Friday program and a special music story time.

You found value in our many services.

1. Annual Circulation
Total circulation in FY2013 stood at 310,897, up 1,090 from FY2012. The graph below depicts these numbers.

2. Weekly Internet Usage
The library experienced a tremendous increase in internet usage between FY2013 and FY2012. In 2012, the weekly internet usage was 167. This number increased almost two fold (174% increase) to 457 in FY2013.

3. Library Visits
Library usage continues to increase steadily – a clear testament to the quality and depth of programming and services that the library continues to offer. In FY2013 library visits increased by 16,009 to 193,333 over FY 2012 visits of 177,324 – a 9% annual increase.

4 Children’s Programs Attendance
Attendance in children’s program has seen a phenomenal increase for FY2013. In FY2012, children’s programs attendance stood at 5,328. In FY2013, this number increased by 1,540 or 29% to 6,868. The library continues to expand its programs to meet the needs of its young patrons and this increase is a clear evidence of the attractiveness of these programs.

Student Assistance Center
Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, our commitment providing homework assistance to students in grades 1-8 had another successful year.

You asked for an ongoing used book sale in the library and we provided two for your convenience, one for our young patrons on the ground floor and another for tweens, teens and adults on the second floor.

Ben Franklin statue outside the Library on a sunny day
Ben Franklin statue outside the Library on a sunny day

Moving Forward: Assessing the Future
You engaged us with constructive feedback and invaluable suggestions for the future. For all of you participated in the focus group interviews and the online survey we say, thank you. Your input will help identify service priorities and guide the allocation of resources.

I attribute our growth and strength to an incredible group:
• The Board of Directors for their commitment to service excellence and responsible stewardship,
• The Town Administrator and elected officials who make library funding possible,
• The hard-working staff,
• The Friends, volunteers and generous donors,
• The Franklin School of performing Arts for entertaining many patrons with plays and dance this summer,
• Kyle Perry for organizing and soliciting donations for a week long Lego challenge,
• The Teen Advisory Board for their time and outreach efforts.
• Andrea Burke and her programming committee for their hard work in planning adult programs,
• And our patrons whose insights and strong, consistent use of the library’s varied collections and services make us better.

Respectfully submitted,

F.Oti, Library Director

Note: given the layout and use of photos in this section of the report, the full section (available on the Library page) is also shared here:

The full annual report can be obtained from the Town Clerk's office (hard copy) or viewed and/or downloaded from the Franklin website here

Annual reports of prior years can also be found online at

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