Friday, January 10, 2014

"a training exercise as realistic"

What was happening at Dean College on Wednesday when the police were swarming all over the campus?
The Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council’s SWAT division performed a training exercise Wednesday at the college. Known as MetroLEC, the council— a consortium of 43 police and sheriff departments that work together to offer unique and highly specialized law enforcement resources — simulated a crisis involving a sole shooter roaming the campus. 
"At the time we arrived, we did not know where exactly the person was located on the campus," said Medway Police Sgt. Jason Brennan, one of the commanders of the SWAT unit. "We identified two buildings that we wanted to work in, and the teams worked to clear both of those buildings and extricate anyone trapped inside, escorting them off campus." 
Such exercises introduce the tactical team to different environs, each calling for different responses, Brennan said. 
"We focus on running these drills with the mentality that, the more we do this, and in some cases the more mistakes we make, the better prepared we’ll be God forbid we ever have to actually come to the campus."

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