Sunday, January 5, 2014

In the News: grease fire, train accident, local author

Grease fire guts kitchen in Franklin restaurant

Firefighters were called to a Franklin restaurant Saturday afternoon after grease in a deep fryer ignited, causing some smoke damage to the building.
The Guru Bar and Grill

Man’s leg pinned under train in Franklin

A man was taken to Rhode Island Hospital on Friday with serious but non-life threatening injuries after one of his legs was caught under a train when he fell onto the tracks at the Forge Park station, according to an MBTA spokeswoman.

Franklin author Laura Spinella
To those unfamiliar with the literary business, her career might appear to be stumbling. In fact, the Franklin mother of three has had her share of success, even as she humbly acknowledges to being "a little fish in a big pond." 
Spinella’s first novel, "Beautiful Disaster," a story set in the Deep South about two former lovers reconnected, was nominated in the "Best First Book" category at the 2012 RITA Awards, which recognize the top authors and novels in the popular romance genre. 
And in November, Spinella published her sophomore novel, "Perfect Timing," named by the Open Book Society, an online discussion group of readers throughout the state, as one of the "best reads of 2013."
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