Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Live reporting - Recreation Dept

Ryan Jette, Director Recreation Department

(copy to be added later) The presentation copy can be found here

coordinate programs and field usage
over 5,000 children in the various activities over the year
self funding with over $500,000 in revenue

listing of programs year round, programs by season
not just youth sports

basketball largest program, over 1400 kids in grades K-8
expanded to run in spring as well as winter

T-ball = 4, 5, and 6 year olds in this program the FYBO covers the older kids

flag football - over 450 kids in the fall

girls lacrosse - largest program in the state, helping the high school become one of the better programs in high school

summer programs - King St, Choate Park and Chilson Beach

new listing of art classes, they are selling out quickly

Earth Day
cleaning litter and debris from streets and roadways

also use community service kids to help with special clean up areas

Disc golf course operating with an all volunteer build team

Community Garden (at King St) $40/per year per plot

4th of July road race about 100 runners for the 5K, also a 1.2 mile kids race

Chilson Beach normally open from end of June to last week in August

kid care babysitting class offer, nutrition, diapering, safety

program on 'stage your home to sell'

music therapy for children with special needs on Weds nights

45% of the salary budget is seasonal
the tax work-off program, 19 seniors help to make the department function

Recreation in charge of permitting use of all playgrounds and fields
twice annual application process for organizational use

proud to say Franklin has good playgrounds
turf fields at the high school and Beaver St

DelCarte coming online June 4th

Provided over 1,000 hours of community service

Future of Franklin Recreation, from less than 10 to over 100 programs

Spray park coming to Fletcher Field
DelCarte with hiking trails and a canoe/kayak launch

Thank you for supporting this program

Mercer - this was great, you came well prepared
one of the issues you touched on, the Franklin-Medway relationship
can you expand on that?

Ryan - offering programming in Medway
they had some existing programs, their need was summer programs and summer camp
we offer programs here open to Medway residents, able to fill up some programs
programs that are already filling up they can't get in, but for those others, they can help

Program is heavily Franklin residents, probably 95%

Padula - my kids have all been through the program
which turf field will go first?

Ryan - they added the logo to the Beaver Pond fields and some stretches along the side to help extend the life

Nutting - we have a stabilization account already putting money aside to replace them in 2016 or 17

Bissanti - I want to commend you, it is well run
what do you see as the need for development?

Ryan - indoor space is a need, we are stuck with renting space from the schools
if we had our own space that would help, in a perfect world that would be it

Nutting - we'll need to look at the tot lots as they will need replacements to stay within standards
what you don't see is what the DPW does, there has been an expansion of fields and no increase in employees

Ryan - we work closely with the DPW and Dean College
Nutting - we don't have any turf battles

Jones - thanks for the work and especially for all the volunteer efforts

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