Sunday, May 11, 2014

Transition dates for the new high school

During the School Committee meeting on Apr 29, the high school administration provided an update on the new PISA Assessment, the findings from their Alumni Survey and the transition from the old to new building.

Key dates for the move from the current FHS to the new FHS
April Vacation - Moving Crates delivered to classrooms
April 30 - Movers meet w/ Staff
May 1 to June 20 - Staff packing
June 12 - Student Celebration
June 13 - Final Exams Begin
June 19 - Movers begin move of Field House & K Wing
June 25 - Last Day FHS is open for Business
June 26 to July 6 - All FHS Offices Closed for Business
July 7 - FHS Guidance, Summer School & Athletics open at Horace Mann
July 7 to 13 - FHS Admin remains closed (FHS Admin relocated to new school)
July 7 - Furniture and Equipment delivery begins (official end date August 14)
July 14 - FHS Admin Offices open at new school (all meetings, visitors at Horace Mann)
**July 25 - Substantial Completion - Building turned over to Franklin
August 4 - Technology Set Up Begins
August 11 to 15 - High School Experience @ HMMS
August 15 - Grade 9 Tour/Orientation of FHS*
August 18 - Grade 12 Tour/Orientation of FHS*
August 19 - Grade 11 Tour/Orientation of FHS*
August 20 - Grade 10 Tour/Orientation of FHS*
August 28 - Staff return to School  Prof Dev Day
September 3 - School begins for students
*Dates corrected with info here

What will the new high school do for the Franklin population numbers? If the enrollment is an indication, it will be an attraction:
Enrollment 2013-14: 1627Projected Enrollment 2014-15: 1730 (+100 students)

The full 25 page presentation document can be viewed here:

or also found on the Franklin Schools webpage:

photo of new FHS building main entrance (white tower) and principal's office (round tower)
photo of new FHS building main entrance (white tower) and principal's office (round tower)

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