Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Firefighter Chad Larivee Fund

A local Franklin family is truly in need of our community support - please click on this Gofundme page to donate  http://www.gofundme.com/ci2rmk

screenshot of Firefighter Chad Larivee Fund
screenshot of Firefighter Chad Larivee Fund

On Tuesday morning, July 29th, Taunton Massachusetts Firefighter Chad "Choggy" Larivee suffered severe neck and spinal injuries resulting from a fall from a roof. 
Chad, along with two other off-duty firefighters, was repairing the roof of a brother firefighter when he fell approximately twenty-five feet. Chad was immediately flown to Rhode Island Hospital Trauma Center where he underwent over 9 hours of extensive surgery. 
At this time, we still do not know the extent of Chad's injuries but we do know his road to recovery is going to be long, difficult and costly.

Chad grew up in the community he works in and comes from a great, hard-working blue-collar family. Chad himself is a hard-working, devoted husband to his wife, Jeanne, and father to 3 young children ranging in age from 8 to 13 years. 
He has been serving whis community on the Fire department for over 16 years. As a firefighter, Chad routinely risks his own life to help preserve the life and safety of others, most of whom are total strangers. 
Firefighters, by nature, are never ones to ask for help, and Firefighter Larivee fits that profile to a T. The reality is, however, that everyone needs help at some point in their lives. Yes, even firefighters. The costs of an injury like the one Chad has suffered can be insurmountable. 
Hundreds of people have come forward to express their concern and ask what they can do to help, with many expressing feelings of helplessness. The truth is, there is a way people can help and that's by way of monetary donations. 
If you are able to give any amount, no matter how big or small, the good it will do for Firefighter Larivee and his family is immeasurable. 
In the coming weeks and months, we will update everyone on Chad's status and the progress he has made. All donations will be used to offset medical expenses and ensure that the family can remain by his side to facilitate his recovery. Thank you, in advance, for your donation, and please continue to pray for Firefighter Larivee and the entire Larivee family.

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