Monday, August 11, 2014

Franklin Library: "Reading is Magic"

Ed the Wizard will bring his "Reading is Magic" performance to the Franklin Library on Tuesday at 3:00 PM
"Reading is Magic" is a 45 minute interactive magic performance using many volunteers
with reading as the emphasis behind the program. Suitable for all grades, PreK-12, as the message, routines, and understanding levels increase with each grade level. What are the goals of Reading is Magic? The message of each performance is to emphasize upon your students the importance and power of reading; how reading and comprehension are tools that they will use everyday, how I taught myself the art of prestidigitation, how each and every student can use their reading skills to learn anything that they choose to learn, and how reading encourages independent thought.

Magic books from your library's collection will be put on display as I briefly discuss some of them and perform a routine from one. I also highlight the new book that I donate to your collection and perform a routine from that book. Now your students have seen the magic and have been pointed to the resources; the rest is up to them! And of course how I mention the fact that I was inspired by Albus Dumbledore from "Harry Potter" into becoming a fully fledged wizard!

Ed the Wizard - "Reading is Magic"
Ed the Wizard - "Reading is Magic"

For more about Ed the Wizard, you can check out his website here

Ed the Wizard
Ed the Wizard

Some of this was shared from the Franklin Library site (and some from Ed the Wizard's site)

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