Monday, August 11, 2014

Franklin Kids Hiking Group

Franklin parents and grandparents who want to be out and about enjoying the wonders of a nature hike have a group to join and participate in. Leah Christina has organized such a group for Franklin. It started this summer and has gathered a following already.

You may have seen the article by Marjorie Turner Hallman in the August issue of the Franklin Town News.

Franklin, MA Kids Group
Franklin, MA Kids Group
A PDF version of the article can be found here (look on page 12)

from their Facebook page:

This group is a work in progress and I will continue to update on the group as well as any planned events and activities coming forward. 
The rules are very simple:
  • Please act like adults. Be kind, courteous, and respectful.
  • Please be careful of info you are posting that you may not want to share with others.
  • Feel free to share your adventures and experience while on a hike.
  • You may share negative comments and let the group know of disappointment in a hike but please do so in a well respectful manner.
  • Enjoy the site, the trails, and the new friends you will meet along the way.
Please feel free to invite those you feel would benefit from the group and please remember the group is open to any and all feedback to help us continue to grow!!

August hikes

The calendar for August shows hikes at Foxboro State Forest on the 12th and Franklin's SNETT Trail on the 13th. Some activities are age specific. Some also have size limits, others are open to all.

August calendar for hiking group
August calendar for hiking group
The August calendar can be found on Facebook here

Contact Info

For more information visit their Facebook page

If not on Facebook, you can contact them via email at

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