Friday, August 15, 2014

Labor Day 2014: Min Wage to Rise but Challenges Remain

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Minimum Wage to Rise but Challenges Remain 

When we celebrate Labor Day this fall, we will be able to celebrate a meaningful step towards building an economy that works for everyone. Because our state is raising the minimum wage, hundreds of thousands of working people in Massachusetts, and their families, will have a little more economic security. Raising the wages of these low wage workers can also improve overall economic conditions as their families will be able to spend more in the local economy.

In Labor Day 2014: Minimum Wage to Rise but Challenges Remain we examine the trends that are shaping the economic lives of working people in Massachusetts. Across the nation, for several decades, we have been drifting away from having an economy that promotes broadly shared prosperity: while productivity has increased, wages for too many workers have not; while income has grown overall, very little of that income growth has gone to low and middle income families. 

Many of the challenges we face require national solutions. But there are things we can do right here in Massachusetts, as we saw with the minimum wage increase. We can expand access to high quality education and training - from early education for three and four year olds to ongoing workforce training for adults. We can also improve working conditions for everyone - with policies such as earned paid sick time that would allow workers who are sick or need to care for a sick child to be able to do so without missing a day's pay or risking being fired.

Labor Day 2014: Minimum Wage to Rise but Challenges Remain, examines troubling trends over the past several decades. It also describes effective policies that could move our Commonwealth towards a future with greater economic opportunity and security for people in every community in state.

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